Switch Roundcube to Use Local Spellcheck Engine

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/04 at 10:34 PM



For either privacy reasons, or because the cloud-based spellcheck is down/not available, there is an interest in switching Roundcube to the local installed "pspell" spellchecking engine.

1. Login to the server via SSH or local console, and confirm the current settings in /etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php.
Note the sections in red below. It is likely you are reading this post because spellchecking is enabled and sending email is broken when the cloud-based spellchecker is offline.
It can also be forced off-line, if you lock down the referrer/external AJAX too much for the Roundcube client to talk to the external server.

$ sudo vi /etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php
// Enables spellchecker exceptions dictionary.
// Setting it to 'shared' will make the dictionary shared by all users.
$config['spellcheck_dictionary'] = true;

// Set the spell checking engine. Possible values:
// - 'googie' - the default (also used for connecting to Nox Spell Server, see 'spellcheck_uri' setting)
// - 'pspell' - requires the PHP Pspell module and aspell installed
// - 'enchant' - requires the PHP Enchant module
// - 'atd' - install your own After the Deadline server or check with the people at http://www.afterthedeadline.com before using their API
// Since Google shut down their public spell checking service, the default settings
// connect to http://spell.roundcube.net which is a hosted service provided by Roundcube.
// You can connect to any other googie-compliant service by setting 'spellcheck_uri' accordingly.
$config['spellcheck_engine'] = 'googie';

// For locally installed Nox Spell Server or After the Deadline services,
// please specify the URI to call it.
// Get Nox Spell Server from http://orangoo.com/labs/?page_id=72 or
// the After the Deadline package from http://www.afterthedeadline.com.
// Leave empty to use the public API of service.afterthedeadline.com
$config['spellcheck_uri'] = '';

2. Install the pspell PHP package:
$ sudo apt-get install php-pspell
The following additional packages will be installed:
aspell aspell-en dictionaries-common emacsen-common libaspell15 php8.3-pspell
Suggested packages:
aspell-doc spellutils wordlist
The following NEW packages will be installed:
aspell aspell-en dictionaries-common emacsen-common libaspell15 php-pspell php8.3-pspell

- In our case, a couple other libraries/packages were installed via "installing additional unselected".
- The auto-triggers also auto-refreshed the php service w/in apache2, so we did not need to manually restart the php service.

3. Update the /etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php configuration file for Roundcube. Change the following lines:
$config['spellcheck_engine'] = 'pspell';
$config['spellcheck_uri'] = '';

In our case, the spellcheck was already enabled, and the URL was empty, using default, so we only had the one engine line to change.

$ sudo vi /etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php
$config['spellcheck_engine'] = 'pspell';


4. Send a test email as a user.
a. Change Preferences for user to check spelling:
Roundcube --> Settings --> Under Section heading. click Composing Messages --> Under Spellcheck Options heading, enable checkbox Check spelling before sending a message. Click Save.

b. Send a test email.

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